My first ever blog post!

Ive always wanted to start a blog, I signed up for this some time ago but I could never quite find anything I wanted to write about.

Then I came across Project 365..

What is Project 365? Well basically its taking a photo every day of the year and writing about it.  There are much more in depth explanations out there and different twists on it but ive decided how im going to do mine and thats what im sticking to.

My plan is to… as the desciption says, take a photo every day and say something about it.  Granted it may not be a professional looking well composed picture, in fact there may be days when I end up taking pictures of my dinner because its the most exciting thing ive done (will it matter, will anyone but me ever read this?), but nevertheless I intend to give it a go.

Why would I want to do this? Well having a memory like mine means I can barely remember what I did yesterday never mind a year ago, and what I hope to get out of it is to have something to look back on, like a journal of my life and also to use as a tool to track my progress in photography, something to compare myself against in months or years to come.

So here goes…

Project 365 : Day 1

Meet Lizzie..

Im always trying to get members of my family to pose for photos so I can get some practice in and finally my sister agreed to a few snaps just outside her house.  Luckily for me shes getting a new hair style tomorrow so she was keen for before and after shots.  There were several I liked, but unfortunately I had the old “uuurgh I look fat” and  “I look silly in that one” comments and this was the only one I was allowed to use. Fortunately this was also the best one…

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