Project 365 : Day 2

Pot of Gold

Today was quite a fun day, apart from starting work at 5:30 (on a Saturday!) I decided to set up my newly acquired studio lighting and invite family round for some practice.  I had a fun day shooting pictures of my nephews and my brother in law and I had all intention of uploading one of those pictures as my daily picture (for anyone interested you can view them on however shortly after packing up I received a text from Lizzy telling me to look out the front window and this is what I was greeted with.

I dont know what it is about rainbows but theres something that always makes you smile, maybe its psychological, something to do with the nice sunshine and clear air after a storm (im sure some psychologists could spend all day on the subject) but for me its all about the pretty colours and maybe the hope that one day I will find that pot of gold..

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