Project 365: Day 3

“Studio shoot”

I had big plans today, bike ride to start burning off the extra pounds accumulated since Christmas and then a trip to a local park with Lizzie and her boyfriend Ste.  Mother Nature managed to scupper those plans with a few hours of snowfall so the bike ride was binned and we decided to move the photoshoot indoors.
Due to hangovers and it being Derby day (Sunderland vs Newcastle) we didnt start shooting until late in the afternoon but we managed to get some good photos.

One of the problems im finding with starting out in this is finding new poses and trying to vary my shots. I dont want to become a one trick pony, repeating the same shots for different people over and over again so coming up with new ideas is just as big a part as getting  the lighting and composition right at the minute (thankfully my wife was there today to lend a hand!).  We also went and bought some props today too, they certainly helped put some colour and character into todays photos and we will definitely be on the lookout for more.

Its times like this I really wish I had a garage to convert so I could setup my kit and leave it up but seeing as this isnt going to happen, instead im thinking about converting the whole living room into a full time studio and just cramming all the furniture into the dining room, im sure my very supporting wife wont mind one bit.. 😉

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