Project 365: Day 37 – Instagram rant!


I took this using my new phone ( did I mention im in love with the camera speed?!?) and edited it using Instagram for android.

I just read an article from the BBC on whether or not apps such as this are making everyone’s images look the same and killing creativity and I felt I had to comment on it.

Now me personally, I love the retro look. Its all a matter of taste and not everyone likes it but a lot of my outdoor photos are desaturated slightly, sometimes a bit high on contrast or have pale hues applied to some of the colours, so naturally I love the Instagram effects. 

One thing Instagram does do is make it easy to achieve that look. Actually, I could be a little miffed that people can now achieve what I often spend hours trying to get right (and not always succeeding!) with just a simple click of a button, but im not. In fact I now find it more fun to look at the hundreds of mobile uploads that grace the pages of my Facebook wall every week.

Does it kill creativity? No, in my opinion it encourages it. Before I took up photography, if I thought I could create a retro photo that would match the many images ive enviously gazed at in magazines in years gone by using only my mobile phone!.. I would have gone out of my way to create an interesting photo to apply these fantastic little filters to, I would have tried to make these pictures special which is exactly what im seeing a lot of people doing.

So, in a counter argument to the BBC news article.. has Instagram made our pictures less varied? No, in my opinion the choice of filters has actually given us more variety.  After all, what did everyone’s photos look like before these apps were created….. oh thats right.. the same!!

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