Project 365: Day 4

  Beautiful morning

Or at least it would be if I didn’t have to go to Uni.  Tuesdays are long days but at least the end of term is in sight.
Its morning like this when I wish I didn’t have to go into work so early (who doesn’t think that most days?) but I always see photos taken early in the day or as the sun is setting and some of them are the best pictures ive seen. I get two shots at early mornings, Saturday and Sunday and even they aren’t guaranteed and then it only takes  a spot of bad weather and its another 7 day wait.  I bought my first DSLR last winter so I haven’t had chance for many sunset shots (im usually at work when the sun is setting!) but at least with the light nights coming, I will get plenty of opportunity for some nice late sunsets which im looking forward too, but more than that im just looking forward to some summer heat!.

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