Project 365: Day 48

I aint going out there…

Nuh uh, no way!

With all the talk of hosepipe bans this year I was getting myself a little excited. Yes the flowers may have wilted a little, my fishes in my pond might have had to snuggle in together a bit more but I was picturing a heat wave, yes, cracking pavements, sun burn and ice cream (its the law to eat ice cream on a sunny day, true story)…

Oh how disappointed have I been these past few weeks. If im not scraping frost off my car, im swimming to it. I had big plans this evening to either get myself out for a run or take the dogs on a big walk.  As yet neither plan has been put into action and looking at my dogs laid on the couch, snuggled into the cushions, im thinking they aren’t particularly too fond of the idea either.

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