Project 365: Day 6


D3100 Vs D7000

For the last 24 hours ive spent more time than I care to have simply comparing my two cameras.

When I bought my D7000, after reading all the reviews I expected the difference between it and my D3100 to be like chalk and cheese.  The D3100 is great but people would have you believe the D7000 is amazing in comparison.
How disappointed was I when I started taking snaps.  I tried many in the house on the first evening and each time I was finding the D3100 beat the D7000 hands down.  Its like it couldnt focus properly on anything.  Ive since had to spend many hours reading up about how the focusing system works and now im slowly being won over.
For anyone upgrading from a D3100, the D7000 is a huge learning curve. My main reason for buying it was so I could have access to more settings on the fly without having to trawl through menus, I wanted a camera that could use a grip without a cable sticking out of the side and something that was weather proof… quite an advantage because as soon as I felt a spot of moisture in the air I was hiding my D3100 back in my bag.
The D7000 certainly fits this bill, it was a toss up between this and the D300s but the extra capabilities at high ISOs was the deciding factor.

So the picture above shows a shot from the D3100 and one from the D7000 using the same settings in manual mode and the same lens (cropped). The picture on the right is the D7000, its definitely got more detail and the water looks clearer but had I not had both cameras to compare I would find the one on the left perfectly acceptable and in all fairness the differences are subtle.  Hardly lab test conditions I realise but I took a dozen photos with each camera and they all showed the same results.

Whilst the D7000 is the upgrade I was looking for, for anyone reading this, if your looking for a camera and cant decide between these, ask yourself if you need the extra features and buttons of the D7000. If you dont, buy the D3100 and spend more money on a good lens, or go in the middle and buy the D5100 as you get the best of both worlds, simple to use and excellent picture quality.

So, now ive got that all out of my system I might be able to go out and actually take some fun pictures with the camera rather than obsessing over which is better!

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